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Petitions to Legitimate and Paternity Actions

Georgia Paternity Actions

A Paternity action is filed by the mother seeking to have the father pay child support.

In Georgia, a court must establish paternity before it orders a father to pay child support. Before a court will make any ruling concerning a father's obligations, it must determine a child's paternity if that issue is contested. Establishing paternity is usually done through DNA testing. A paternity action is usually initiated by a mother seeking an award of child support. Protect your rights!

Petitions to Legitimate

A Legitimation Action is a filed by the father seeking to establish a legal relationship with his child. Until such time as the father legitimates his rights, by seeking a court order, he is without any legal rights with respect to the child. Many people believe that because they are on the child's birth certificate, they are deemed the legal father. This is incorrect.

A father's rights are established through a petition for legitimation. We will file petitions to legitimate on behalf of biological fathers who wish to legitimate their children, gain the status of a legal parent, and have standing to ask for custodial and visitation rights.

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