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Juvenile Delinquency and Child Deprivation

Child Deprivation and Neglect

Almost anyone can allege that a parent or guardian has neglected a child. Mere allegations are not necessarily true. When a noncustodial parent, a school, or even the Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS) makes child deprivation allegations, you should consult us.

The state of Georgia takes allegations of child deprivation extremely seriously. A parent may lose their parental rights if found responsible for these allegations. Child deprivation takes a variety of forms including physical, emotional or sexual abuse, lack of supervision, unclean living conditions, lack of medical care, inadequate food, and corporal punishment. We represent parents accused of child deprivation, focusing on reuniting them with their children.


Juvenile Law and Delinquency

Children sometimes make mistakes and exhibit poor judgment in their actions.

Juvenile court is where juvenile delinquency hearings are heard. When the state accuses a child of a delinquent act, it is important to speak to an experienced juvenile law attorney. A delinquent act is the commission of a crime where f the accused were an adult, that person would be accused of commiting a crime, either misdemeanor or felony.

For 15 years, we have been defending the rights of juveniles accused of delinquent acts such as minor consumption or possession of alcohol, drug possession, theft, drunk driving, speeding, and property destruction. In addition, the law offices of Stacy Snyder Garguilo, P.C. represents juveniles accused of various other misdemeanor and felony offenses.

If you have questions about juvenile law, child deprivation, and juvenile delinquency contact us at the law firm of Stacy Snyder Garguilo, P.C. We represent clients throughout the metro Georgia area including the following counties: Cobb, Dekalb, Gwinnett, Cherokee, Paulding, Douglas, and Fulton.

The Law office of Stacy Snyder Garguilo, P.C. represents clients in the area of juvenile law. We defend parents faced with child deprivation allegations and children accused of juvenile delinquency. Contact us at our Atlanta/Marietta, Georgia, office to set up an appointment with an experience handling deprivation and delinquency matters.