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At the law offices of Stacy Snyder Garguilo, P.C. we understand how difficult and emotional it is to experience a divorce. We are committed to providing our family law clients with the best legal representation under the worst circumstances.

Because Georgia is a no-fault divorce state, all it takes to dissolve a marriage is for one person to cite irreconcilable differences. In addition, child custody is gender-neutral and determined by what is in the best interest of the child.

The most common grounds for divorce are:  the marriage is irretrievably broken (no fault), adultery, abandonment, mental or physical abuse and habitual drug or alcohol addiction.

In order to file for divorce in Georgia, the party filing for divorce, (Plaintiff) must be a resident of Georgia for six months prior to filing the action for divorce.  The Divorce action actions are usually filed in the county in which the Defendant (person against whom the divorce is filed) resides.

To ensure that your rights and interests are protected, it is essential that you have an experienced divorce lawyer to assist you during this trying time.

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