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Contempt Actions

In Georgia, a divorce judgment or order can be enforced through an action for contempt. Anyone found in contempt of court is subject to a number of consequences, including jail time. The Law Office of Stacy Snyder Garguilo, P.C. represent clients in the Atlanta metro area who wish to enforce divorce judgments or orders. We also defend people who are subject to contempt actions.

The following are examples of contempt actions:


If you are owed child support, we will go to court to obtain an enforcement order. If the payer of child support still refuses to comply, our firm can petition the court to allow collection through garnishment of wages. We can also seek to obtain back child support for you.

If the child custody arrangements or the financial situation of either parent have changed significantly, we can seek a modification in your child support payment. However, it is important to remember that a modification affects future child support payments only, not those from the past.

Our firm also defends clients in enforcement action hearings. Attempting to defend yourself or skipping an enforcement hearing is not wise. The Judge will issue an enforcement order based on the information put before the court. We will present the strongest case possible, based on the facts and the law. If the court finds that you owe back child support, we may be able to obtain extended payment terms for you and avoid jail.

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