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Child Custody & Visitation

Whether you have been able to reach a settlement with regard to a parenting plan or if you have an emotional contested custody dispute, the law firm of Stacy Snyder Garguilo can handle all of your needs.

Beginning January 2008, parents have had to abide by significant changes in child custody and visitation laws. Children over the age of 14 no longer have the right to select which parent with whom they live. In addition, in all divorces that include child custody, parents must create a parenting plan for the Judge's consideration.

When deciding issues regarding child custody, courts in Georgia will consider many factors, including:


Our firm represent the interests of Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and other interested parties in custody controversies without putting children in the middle of the dispute. We are committed to providing the most effective level of service to each of our valued clients in a caring and compassionate manner. We handle child custody issues including:


Legal Custody:

Physical Custody:

Either parties failure to comply with custody or parenting plans could result in a Contempt Action. If you are in need of enforcing any of your custodial rights or visiatation rights, contact us at 770-427-6050 or click on the contact link.

If there have been problems with visiation, custody or parenting plan, you may be in need of a modification of your current order. Contact the Law Offices of Stacy S. Garguilo to discuss how we can help you seek a modification or enforcement.